In cases of protruding or over-developed ears, otoplasty may be an option. Otoplasty is commonly referred to as “pinning back” the ears. It is available for children once their ears have stopped developing around the age of six. Over-developed ears can be the cause of psychological stress and trauma and should be treated at a young age before it becomes a serious issue. Dr. Hagan is trained in surgical procedures to eliminate the majority of the problems related to protruding ears.

What to expect
Dr. Hagan will do a complete medical history and a complete examination to determine the most effective surgical approach. The doctor has the option of either folding the cartilage located on the back of the ear or removing excess cartilage. All issues of shape and types and risks of anesthesia will be explained.

Pre-instructions may include the elimination of specific drugs containing aspirin several weeks before surgery to minimize excess bleeding. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to prevent infection and should be taken for a few days before and after surgery. Review our preoperative instructions for facelift surgery. (link to Forms & Policies page)

The procedure can be performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia and the doctor will discuss the options with you. The procedure typically takes only a few hours. You will go home with sutures and bandages. Pain associated with the procedure is minimal and can be easily treated with over-the-counter medication.

Once the procedure is completed, you will recover under careful supervision in our office until you are ready to be taken home. You will need to arrange for an escort to drive you to and from our office on the day of the operation. Upon discharge you will receive postoperative instructions, a prescription for pain medication, antibiotics if necessary, and a follow-up appointment.